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  • 8cm Scented Car Perfume - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
  • 8cm Scented Card - 3 flavors mix - DailyLab
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8cm Scented Car Perfume

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Enjoy your every breath!

Hang in the car,

       with scent being travelled

Hang  in the wardrobe,

       with scent being carried

Hang on the door,

       with scent to be delivered

Hang on the desk,

       with scent to be accompanied

3-inches Squared Scented Card

Car/living room/wardrobe/closet/bathroom/travel luggage… and anywhere you like

Accredited by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), MSDS certified chemical-safe, scented substance passed 26 allergen tests. It is safe for Pregnants and Babies. Laboratory proof to release car sick symptoms

3-inch hanging scented card with three-scents mix. (Special特调SZ1979/Frosting Berry/Cold Brew)

8cm Scented Car Perfume

Start your day by feeling good and relaxed! Never worry about poor air quality again because with our car perfume, you are assured that the air you breathe is clean and fresh! Our 8cm scented car perfume is not your ordinary car diffuser. It has a hanging feature that makes it versatile . It is also designed to be a slim, premium card to make it as portable as it can be. So you can hang it anywhere you want!

Although the 8cm Scented car perfume card is a little smaller than the size of the traditional hanging trees, it does not become a distraction for the driver. With its stylish looks, Just hang this car perfume in your rear-view mirror and away you go! This car perfume is the one that has it all from design, size, flexibility, and compatibility.

Long lasting scented car perfume

Choose the most portable and long lasting car perfume in Australia today! This car perfume is the perfect diffuser not just for your car, but also for your home! Its unique design allows you to hang it anywhere, inside or outside. Our car perfume is convenient and doesn’t take up too much space but its aroma will permeate throughout your vehicle or home.

Our 8cm car perfume includes three scent variations, but you can also choose an extra scent if you want. Just check out our scent library to find what’s perfect for you.

Easy to maintain car perfume

Our cars are an extension of ourselves. More often than not, what’s inside our car reflects our interests and choices. Let people see the best side of you with beautiful looking car scents and an aroma that brings freshness to your vehicle. This compact and premium design will definitely compliment what's inside your car, regardless of the model.

These car air fresheners can be replaced as often as you desire. With a standard lifespan of 1-2 months, you can change as often as you want that nice fresh smell. This car perfume also has a strong resiliency as other brands can heat in the sun and drip damaging oils onto your car's interior causing unwanted damage.

Due to the diversity of this car perfume many people use these car perfume cards through their office and house to ensure refreshing odours. Don’t think of this as just a car air freshener, explore your options for hanging these beautiful car perfumes anyway.

This car perfume passed 26 allergen tests, is accredited by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), and is MSDS-certified chemical-safe. It is laboratory-proven to relieve symptoms of car sickness. Although our car perfume or any essential oil will not cure car sickness instantly, our scent diffuser is laboratory-proven to relieve symptoms you might have. As the best car perfume we also use essential oils that are safe for pregnant women and babies.

A multipurpose car perfume

Why not use your car perfume in other environments

With its high-quality and chic design, this car perfume can is something that you can take with you at all times. With its portability you can take it with you wherever you go. If you want your closet to smell nice and fresh? Hang this car perfume in your wardrobe and make it smell good. Perhaps, you want a breath of fresh air the moment you enter your room? This car perfume can also serve that purpose.

Its hanging feature works well wherever you are. Our 8cm scented car perfume will surely make any room you leave it in, fresh and new.

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