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8cm Scented Car Perfume

8cm Scented Car Perfume

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Enjoy your every breath!


Hang in the car, with scent being travelled


Hang in the wardrobe, with scent being carried


Hang on the door, with scent to be delivered


Hang on the desk, with scent to be accompanied


3-inches Squared Scented Card perfect for

Car/living room/wardrobe/closet/bathroom/travel luggage… or anywhere you like.


Accredited by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), MSDS certified chemical-safe, scented substance passed 26 allergen tests. It is safe for pregnant women and babies, and laboratory proven to relieve sympytoms of car sickness


3-inch hanging scented card with three-scents mix. (Frosting Berry/Cold Brew/Special Shenzhen 1979)

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