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Scent Refill for Aroma 360° Dot

Scent Refill for Aroma 360° Dot

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2 x Refills for your 360° Dot car diffuser.


Grassy Dew gives you a feeling of standing in the middle of a lawn in the morning. Dew on the grass is flashing under the sun, and a fresh, chill wind is sneaking into your nose. Perfect for spring and summer.

Top: Green Notes, Bergamot

Heart: Grass, Water Lily

Base: Aromatic Green


Fruity Tangerine Tea gives you a refreshed feel to keep you concentrating on driving. Perfect for summer. 

Top: Orange Pekoe, Green Citrus, Mint

Heart: Rose, Black Currant

Base: Watery Wood


Grapefruit Jar gives you a feeling of standing in the pleasant sunshine; a little sweet and a little sour, it keeps you smiling all the way along your journey. Perfect for all seasons.

Top: Lemon, Citruses

Heart: Grapefruit, Watermelon, Bergamot

Base: Muscone


Sandalwood Pipe has a warm, thick smell. The first scent is like milky sandalwood, but with cardamom crushed by time. You can imagine you are sitting in front of a fireplace in your home, warm and safe. Perfect for winter and autumn. 

Top: Cardamom, Sandalwood

Heart: Myrtle, White Flowers, Cypress

Base: Amber, Vanilla


These scents are supplied by Givaudan, which has over 250 years of experience in researching and manufacturing essential oils. It is also a fragrance supplier for CHANEL, GUCCI, TOM FORD and others.


Accredited by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), MSDS certified chemical-safe, scented substance passed 26 allergen tests. It is safe for pregnant women and babies, and laboratory proven to relieve car sickness symptoms

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